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Having only danced for a year prior, I was nervous when I first started dance waves, however the relaxed atmosphere Chloe brought to the class, helped me settle in quickly. The community she has built up has been amazing and I have made some great friends along our dance waves journey.  -Ross

I’ve made some great friends since joining dance waves. It’s great as I thought I would not be able to dance again due to there not being any classes for my age group so I’m very grateful to get to continue something I love💗    - Danica

I got invited by a friend to come to dance wave a few weeks ago and everyone has been really welcoming. I haven’t been in Peterborough very long and didn’t expect to be able to continue my passion for dance. The passion Chloe has for dance is contagious, she always pushes us to do better and I love that. I look forward to going to class every week. -Tia

Dance waves has given me the opportunity to ignite my passion for dance again. I thought that period in my life was just something where I’d have to cherish those memories, but dance waves has given me the opportunity to make new ones. I always look forward to it and everyone was so welcoming from the very beginning. I’ve made amazing friends and got a lot of love for Chloe and the rest of the team ❤️    -Kelly

Dance waves has allowed me to gain my passion for dance again as there wasn’t really anywhere in Peterborough that offered what Chloe does. Being able to express yourself through dance is so powerful and refreshing and being able to do this with all the others who attend Dance Waves makes me feel positive and happy!!    -Bliss

I have been attending Dance Waves classes for nearly a year now, and it has not only boosted my confidence it is a safe space for all levels of dancers to come together, and learn new genres/styles of dance. Chloe has given me several opportunities to help develop my progression by entering competitions and being involved in performances. Chloes passion for dance has really helped my progress, which has enabled me to develop a passion for dance myself. I have also made some amazing people from dance waves, and I can’t wait to get back with Chloe and the team! ❤   -Eve

It's been great to get the opportunity to dance and perform and have made great friends. It gives you confidence especially when you're not used to performing in front of lots of people.  I believe it will help me to become a better dancer 😀  -Mandi

When I moved to Peterborough, I wasn’t sure if I was able to make any friends, meet new people and even get back into dancing again. Then few months later someone invited me to one of Chloe’s class and I fell in love with dancing again. Dance wave is like my second family now and I’m so happy that I’ve joined because I’ve met some amazing people and we are constantly growing together as a team 🧡   -Adriiana 

Dance waves given me the opportunity to be myself and dance my heart out whilst no-one is judge me & making me feel good about myself! Thank you for welcoming me into the group.      -Wade 

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